Stoic Chinese Grandmother Grows To Love Granddaughter’s Boyfriend In Heartwarming Video.

A Chinese grandmother goes from a stoic dislike of the new boyfriend to lots of smiles and hugs after a three-week visit.

When young adults begin relationships, it can be a challenge to introduce significant others to the family. For Claire, a young Asian woman, bringing home her obviously non-Asian boyfriend, Peter, to meet her Chinese grandmother was interesting. The stoic grandmother sat across the table on Day 1 with a scowl that could debone a chicken.


Stoic Chinese grandmother after the first meal. She was less than impressed with the boyfriend.
Image from YouTube.

Claire and Peter have been together as a couple for quite some time. They have traveled the world and have a travel VLOG on Instagram and YouTube. Their journey began in Charlotte, NC, and they haven’t stopped yet. But part of their travels did include a necessary trip to visit Claire’s family, namely, her grandmother. They spent about three weeks visiting so that her grandmother could get to know Peter. Although the first day was rough, things had lightened up slightly by the end of the first week. VERY slightly.

After a week, the scowl was slightly less of a scowl and more of a grimace.
Image from YouTube.

Still no smile, but the hard edges of the scowl were gone. Peter kept trying to win her over. Whatever he did must have worked because, by the end of the third week, things were very much improved. There were smiles all around!

By week 3 there were big smiles, huge hugs, and the Chinese grandmother actually seemed to like the boyfriend.
Image from YouTube.

And hugs… and check out that grip on the release! When your Chinese grandmother holds onto you after a hug like that, it means she LIKES you!

The lingering grip says there is true affection.
Image from YouTube.

We’re pretty sure that Peter was a hit with her Chinese grandmother. So much so that when they left, she followed them out. It was difficult to leave with her sadly waving through the fence. But they had to return to their continuing journey. But now, they can continue our route toward the future with the knowledge that Peter will be a welcomed member of the family.

grandma waving through bars on fence
Image from YouTube.

If you enjoyed this story, please share it with your friends. Although we love our families dearly, most of us have that one stubborn family member who never likes our relationship choices. Know that there is always hope.

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