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Simple Invention Hopes To Curb Global Food Waste By Keeping Fruit Fresher For Longer.

It’s hard to believe, but more than half of all fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. go to waste without ever being eaten.

Not only that, but over 50 million Americans also experience food insecurity, a number that’s gone up by 13 million since 2018 alone. The good news is, companies like Ryp Labs, Inc. have made it their mission to curb global food waste and end hunger with one simple invention!

Ryp Labs is producing an innovative food sticker called StixFresh. These 100 percent organic labels were originally created by Zhafri Zainudin in Malaysia.

StixFresh are made with the natural ingredients sodium chloride and beeswax, which replicate the antimicrobial compounds plants use to protect themselves.

When placed on fruit, the labels create a protective layer that keeps the produce from ripening as fast. On average, StixFresh make things like apples, avocados, mangoes, dragon fruit, star fruit, papayas, and pears last 14 days longer!

It took over three years of testing to perfect StixFresh, and the company is poised to launch the product into the consumer market in 2022.

The pilot studies they’re doing with global retailers and distributors have reported incredible results. So far, they’re seeing a 15 to 30 percent reduction in losses!

Ryp Labs is not stopping with fruit. In a statement, CEO Moody Soliman said they plan to develop more products to keep other types of food fresh for as long as possible. “Naturally, as we’ve continued to grow, so has our product development portfolio,” he wrote. “Soon, we’ll also be offering coated sheets, sachets, and other formulation-carrier formats.”

Eventually, there could be a StixFresh product for everything from dairy and meat to fresh cut flowers and plants!

“It’s always been our long-term goal to positively affect the entire food value chain by offering alternative solutions that are natural, safe, effective, and easy to adopt,” he continued. “But we won’t stop there. Part of our company’s vision is to offer the benefits of our unique technologies to other industries as well, like health care.”

This is an amazing innovation with the potential to help millions of people! Can you believe an edible, organic label could help resolve world hunger?

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