Steve The Rooster Literally Hops Out Of Bed Every Morning To See His Wife.

Temara Brown runs a micro-sanctuary for rescue chickens at her home in Ontario, Canada. One day, she shared a video of one of her favorite feathered residents, a rooster named Steve, and his morning routine has people everywhere chuckling.

It turns out that Steve has a beautiful wife who lives in a mobile coop in the yard. Steve, however, sleeps on the family's couch inside. So every morning, Steve rises with the sun and rushes outside to his favorite hen's house to say good morning.

In a video, Steve circles the coop excitedly before hopping up and down outside her window in the cutest possible way.

It was so popular on TikTok that Temara shared another one, this time with extra-romantic music added for our new favorite Romeo. Take a look at their precious relationship in the video below, and don't forget to share this story to make your friends smile.

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