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Meet Sparky, The 3-Legged Italian Greyhound Whose Goofy Photos Will Steal Your Heart.

Sparky has melted the hearts of thousands on Instagram with his adorable and hilarious photos, but his path to happiness was a bit bumpy.

When the sweet Italian greyhound was still a puppy, he was involved in an accident that led to a broken leg and multiple surgeries. While he was receiving care, Sparky unknowingly met his forever family, Kennedy Simmons.

When Sparky broke his leg, his original owners were absolutely devastated. They did everything they could to watch over and take care of their pup.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to be the kind of owners Sparky needed. According to Kennedy, they selflessly chose to do what was best for Sparky and give him up.

As a veterinary assistant, Kennedy was the perfect person to adopt him!

“Because they had seen him break his leg and it traumatized them a little bit, they were too scared to let him do anything once he had healed from the surgery, so they decided that he needed to have a puppyhood with someone that wouldn’t be scared to let him do stuff,” Kennedy said.

Soon after Kennedy adopted Sparky, he had to make some tough decisions. Sparky was in a lot of pain, which led to yet another surgery. Despite all the operations, the dog’s leg never healed properly, so Kennedy eventually chose to amputate the limb.

As difficult as it was, Kennedy couldn’t have made a better choice. These days, Sparky is happier than ever before! The enthusiastic pup can be found going on all kinds of adventures with his two puppy siblings.

“He is the biggest goofball, but he’s also very mischievous. If you don’t have eyes on him, he gets up on the table and snags food, or goes and grabs my socks from the hamper,” Kennedy said. “Sometimes I describe him as a Sour Patch Kid because he will snag my food from the table, but then just come curl into my lap right after, as if he didn’t eat my meal. He is very fearless!”

This silly little guy can be found making all sorts of hilarious faces and poses. But there are a couple he’s known for, including his signature smile. That awkward grin is just so contagious!

The other is a pose that can only be described as Sparky melting into a puddle. This incredible feat seems to only happen when Kennedy holds him up for a photo.

No matter the pose, it’s clear that Sparky has found his way into the hearts of dog lovers everywhere, and Kennedy couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

“As far as his success, I love how his pictures bring people together,” Kennedy said. “He is such a character, and he makes people happy!”

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