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This Spanish Ad Is The Most Moving Christmas Story Ever, Pixar Should Be Jealous.

The holiday season in Spain kicks off with a much loved annual ad for their Christmas lottery. The lottery started way back in 1812 and has been a community affair ever since. Instead of having a “winner take all” mentality, the Spanish tend to share their winnings by buying shared tickets to split winnings with work colleagues, friends and family.

Last years ad tugged on the world’s heartstrings. In a Pixar style, the short film follows the life of a lonely overnight security guard named Justino. The older man works at a mannequin factory and passes the long nighttime hours setting the faux models in poses that never fail to leave the staff smiling the next morning.

As the yearly lottery and holiday drew near, Justino went above and beyond to give his colleagues a little bit of joy, but at the end they end up repaying him in an unexpected and heartwarming way. The backing track… Ludovico Einaudi’s ” Nuvole Bianche” adds the perfect musical  theme to the piece.

“They say that the key to a good story is to have a good protagonist who has a particular goal, which they fail to achieve, so that the reader or viewer roots for the main character to get their wish in the end,” said Juan García Escudero, creative director of the short film.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the heartwarming clip in the video below.

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