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Artist Transforms Bedroom Into Stunning Spaceship During COVID-19 Lockdown.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, we all need an escape from our worries and fears.

But for those of us in self-isolation, venturing outside our homes is out of the question. That said, artist Ahmad Fathil of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, found he didn’t even have to leave his room to embark on an intergalactic adventure.


With his country on lockdown, Ahmad had nothing but free time. He decided to make the most of it by putting his creativity to use, sketching up a design to transform his bedroom into a science fiction lover’s paradise.

“Based on my sketches, I wanted to create something that could take my imagination on a flight to infinite heights,” he wrote. “It seems that a lot of humans on Earth have been infected with coronavirus, so I’ll move to another planet. Who wants to join?”


Ahmad started by painting the door and ceiling, turning both into the interior of a space station. Now when he looks up at the latter, it appears as if he’s viewing the galaxy from a window.

spaceship bedroom

The real work began when Ahmad moved on to main focus — the cockpit. He etched out the scene in chalk, then made a multiple attempts at painting before he was satisfied.

spaceship bedroom

The final result was nothing short of spectacular, especially after Ahmad attached LED light strips to the wall.

spaceship bedroom

What a cool way to make quarantine fun! We wish we had half of Ahmad’s talent so we could turn our homes into spaceships, too, but we’ll settle for marveling over his epic decor.

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