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Flight Attendant Comforted Girl Entire Flight, But His Final Gesture Stunned Mom Beyond Belief

During a flight with her three small children, Erika Swart was nearing her wits end. The young mom was flying without her husband, and while her kids are well behaved, her young daughter Gabby was visibly terrified during the flight.

Garrick, a flight attendant working that day, noticed that Gabby wasn’t doing well. Instead of a halfhearted attempt to make her smile, or ignoring her altogether, Garrick spent the entire flight doing everything in his power to ease the 9-year-old’s anxiety.

Swart was so grateful, she took to Facebook to praise Garrick’s actions that day. The heartwarming post will totally make your day. Read below.

“This is Garrick, an employee of yours working flight 1264 flying from Orlando to Newark on Friday, July 8th and holding his arm is my 9 year old daughter, Gabby, a type 1 diabetic with severe flying anxiety. Upon take off he noticed she was struggling.

Throughout the flight he tried making her laugh and bringing her special drinks. As we were getting closer, weather was rough and there was a bit of turbulence. Gabby began having a complete panic attack on descent. He came up to the front and asked if she would like for him to sit next to her in the empty seat. I was flying without my husband with two other smaller children and couldn’t leave my row, in the photo she is holding my hand from across the aisle.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 10.31.59 AM
Erika Jeorgean Swart

She happily accepted his offer.

He suggested they talk to distract her from thinking about the landing so they talked for around 30 minutes about everything from his daughter who is the same age to her pets to what grade she is going into. During extremely rough turbulence she began crying and grabbed his arm, he gently told her she could hang on as long as she needed to. Just after this due to the extreme stress she was under her blood sugars began dangerously crashing. He got up from his seat to get her an orange juice and came right back to sit with her. She asked again if she could continue to hold his arm while the plane was landing. He of course agreed.

Once on the ground while taxiing to the gate he came on the intercom and announced that his friend, Gabby, in the front row overcame her fears of flying and asked for a round of applause. The whole plane clapped for her. It was a wonderful experience on Southwest. We are forever grateful to have met such a beautiful, selfless soul.”

Garrick’s simple act of kindness saved a little girl hours of intense fear. He didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Garrick simply noticed a person¬†in distress and comforted her like he would anyone else. We all need to learn from his example.

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