Insurance Refused To Cover Rehab, So 11-Yr-Old Son Becomes Mom’s ‘Physical Therapist’ After Tragic Hit & Run.

In 2012, Ebony Canion, a widow and mother of four children, was the victim of an unspeakable assault. Another woman, for reasons unknown, purposefully struck Ebony with her vehicle, while she was out walking, and then dragged her under the car for over 200 feet. Ebony suffered multiple life-threatening injuries and was in a coma for 2-months before she finally came to.


She suffered a broken leg, pelvis, dislocated spine, 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and an almost fully severed tongue. Thankfully, Ebony escaped brain damage… but when she finally came to 2 months later, she still had an incredibly long road of recovery ahead of her.

“My family was told that I may not make it, and if I did I may never walk again, may be in a vegetative state, may be paralyzed, but God had other plans. I am alive and God has his hands on me and I am living proof that God is far too good and he is real!”

Ebony spent four months in the hospital. Her stay racked up immense medical bills and her insurance cut her off; refusing to pay for the needed therapy sessions.

That is when her incredible son, Shawn, stepped up and patiently helped his momma learn to walk and talk again.

Check out one of their beautiful therapy sessions in the video below!

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