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“Something Amazing Happened Today.” Woman Prays With Officer Who Arrested Her Years Ago. “God’s Grace Is So Powerful.”

misti doyle and police officer sgt. truan holding hands and closing their eyes as they pray. they're standing outside next to a fence and underneath a tree.

When Misti Doyle hit rock bottom, the helping hand she needed came from someone she never would have expected: A police officer.

For years, her addiction led her to making bad decisions, many of which involved breaking the law. Through it all, Misti hurt not only herself, but the people she loved. That’s why, when an officer showed her kindness and offered words of encouragement, she used it as the first stepping stone on her road to recovery. Now, Misti is inspiring others on Facebook with her story!

facebook post from misti doyle that reads "Something amazing happened today.  Sgt. Truan ( please forgive me if I spelled your name wrong,) came to College Grove. He called me to the side and asked if he could pray with me. He was one of the officers that arrested me on September 15th of 2019.  It was hot that day and I was sitting in the police car and he pulled me out and asked me if I would rather be in the air conditioning with him. Sgt Traun also was kind enough to allow me to step outside  the police car to get some air.  He made sure I had plenty of water to drink and spoke to me with respect, kindness, and compassion even though he still had a job to do and I did get arrested that day . At that I remember being very down upon myself for my addiction and for how I screwed my life up.   His response to me was people make mistakes, we're only human it's not the mistakes that we make it's what we choose to do after those mistakes that really count."

Misti has come such a long way since getting arrested in 2019, and that couldn’t be clearer than in the photo of her and Sgt. Truan praying together. What a great reminder that no matter what we go through in life, there will always be those who are happy to help us back on our feet.

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