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Her Talent Mesmerized The Entire Room, But When She Heard What The Judges Had To Say… Overwhelmed!!

When 14 year old Sofie Dossi walked onto the America’s Got Talent stage for her first audition, no one was sure what to expect. She’s a self-taught contortionist and balancing artist, and she blew the audience away. “What planet are you from?” said Simon Cowell. “This was incredible, amazing, wow!” added Heidi Klum.

Sofie’s second audition was even more impressive! Her signature move involves firing a bow and arrow at a target… over her head… with her feet (you really just need to see it!). She showed off the trick in both her first and second audition, and the second performance featured fire and aerial tricks as well!

Screenshot (67)

I was holding my breath watching Sofie’s performance! “I’ve always loved to perform.” she tells the judges. “It’s in my heart.”

The judges were just as amazed as I was. As Sofie rises into the air, Mel B shakes her head in awe: “There’s no net. No nothing.” The focus in the teen’s eyes as she performs these incredible stunts is chilling. The audience screams and cheers.

Screenshot (78)YouTube

But no one is more enthusiastic than Sofie’s mom. “Here she goes!” She says from the audience as Sofie takes the stage. “Go baby! Go baby!” When Sofie completes the act, her mom jumps from her seat, cheering “That’s my girl!”

Sofie’s dad supports her passion as well; he even constructs all of her props.

Screenshot (80)

(Shoutout to Heidi’s “binoculars.”)

But the best part of the night wasn’t Sofie’s amazing performance or her sweet parents’ support, it was when guest judge Reba McEntire hit the golden buzzer, automatically guaranteeing Sofie a spot in the live show. The golden buzzer can only be pressed once in an episode.

Sofie’s face breaks into a massive smile, confetti rains on the stage, and the audience cheers. “I’ve never seen anything like it before!” says Reba. ‘You just dazzled me!”

Screenshot (84)YouTube

Check out Sofie’s amazing performance– and her face the moment Reba hits that golden buzzer– below.  Amazing!


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