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Soccer-Playing Goat Shows Off His Killer Header.

This goat has a knack for playing soccer.

A goat that can play soccer might sound like the premise for a wacky family comedy, but we have proof that this real-life animal has skills! Video footage of a goat named Junior from USA Today shows the critter playing a friendly game of pass the ball with his owner, Tammy Tunison. Although their soccer ball is oversized, Junior still seems to have a knack for head shots. Every time Tammy kicks the ball over to him, he butts it right back with his forehead!

Tammy has a sneaking suspicion that Junior doesn’t just play when she’s around. He’s been getting so good at hitting the ball, she thinks he might be practicing on his own time so that he can show off his skills. We can’t say we blame him!

Watch the video below to see this goat’s incredible aim.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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