The Sober Mom Squad Is Helping Parents Battle Addiction Duri...

The Sober Mom Squad Is Helping Parents Battle Addiction During COVID-19.

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen plenty of memes, products, and jokes about drinking alcohol to get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

While it may seem funny for parents to talk about needing wine to help their kids with distance learning, for many people, excessive drinking is no joke.

Emily Lynn Paulson got sober years ago and has become a recovery coach for others. A few months into the pandemic, she began seeing more jokes about drinking on her social media feeds. Women also started privately reaching out to her, confessing that they’d upped their alcohol consumption after being home more. Many worried about becoming addicted to their coping mechanism, not to mention the impression they were making in front of their kids.

That’s when Emily decided to take action. She teamed up with four other parents in recovery to create the Sober Mom Squad, a virtual support group that meets over video calls.

They’re hoping to nip burgeoning drinking problems in the bud while also helping those who are further down the road of recovery to stay on track.


Many Sober Mom Squad members say the societal acceptance of alcohol consumption is what led them to overindulge. After all, the “mommy needs wine” mentality is prevalent online, and it gives people tacit permission to drink at all times of the day.

While the Sober Mom Squad isn’t a recovery program, it offers a more low-key approach than traditional paths to sobriety. They have even expanded their offerings to include a paid membership program that has more meetings, a private web forum, and discounts on individual coaching sessions.

“It doesn’t need to be about some big label,” said Canadian mom Amanda Lynch. “It’s basically anyone who is just choosing not to use alcohol constantly and as a coping mechanism, and trying to lead healthy lives.”


Acknowledging a problem is the first step toward making healthier choices. The Sober Mom Squad is encouraging all of us to review our own actions and choices and offer a helping hand to anyone looking to change their lives.

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