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Sneaky Goat Frolics Around Town For A Whole Week Before Reuniting With His Owner.

A two-photo collage. The first photo is a view of a man running down the middle of the road after a goat that is heading straight toward traffic. The second photo shows three people squatting outside as they pet and hold onto a captured Billy the Goat.

It’s been on heck of a week for the people of Birmingham, Alabama and the goat who got away. It all started when Obed Kameta purchased the lively creature he had bought other goats from before. In the past, the transaction went smoothly. This time, however, his newest goat had his sights set on adventure whether his human liked it or not.

And so the goat took off, quickly making a name for himself. Dubbed “Billy the Kid,” folk everywhere began trying to safely capture the little guy. But it wasn’t long before something became very clear: Billy was having fun with the chase, and he had no plans to stop any time soon.

For nearly a week, residents of the Alabama city have spotted Billy everywhere. Local news and law enforcement gave updates on the rascally goat. And, naturally, he’s garnered himself quite a few fans.

While freely roaming the city, Billy narrowly escaped being captured multiple times. The first took place when a shirtless man dove after him. Instead of grabbing onto Billy, the man only caught air. After that, the clever goat managed to escape two others who almost got him.

Therese Bynum seems to be the one who came closest to nabbing him. Using her own two goats, Flanders and Clarine, she managed to get Billy to join them.

“Goats are pack animals and I thought he’d want to be with others of his kind,” Therese said.

Before she could get him to a secure locations, however, he broke free once more.

Finally, Billy made his way to the Levite Jewish Community Center. There, folks were finally able to put an end to this lively goat’s adventure.

“We are pleased to report that – after an hour-long pursuit around the LJCC campus – staff and members helped Billy the Goat’s owner peacefully apprehended the handsome-but-wiley fugitive,” a Facebook post from the center reads. “He truly is the greatest of all time.”

Watch Billy the Goat frolic away in the video below.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here!

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