Cat in funny snapchat

31 Pet Snapchats That’ll Have You Rolling With Laughter

We’ve told you time and time again about the power of pets to make us laugh out loud. From dogs trying to be human to cats stuck in tight squeezes to adorable animals in casts, there are so many ways animals can crack us up! But–  ever since Snapchat gained world-wide popularity– we now have another way to showcase our pets’ antics with the world!

We’ve gathered some of the best pet snaps on the web and compiled them in a list just for you. Check it our top 31 pet snaps below!

1. So much attitude.

  • via Facebook

2. True love.

  • via Buzzfeed

3. What’s going on here??

  • via Buzzfeed

4. This optical illusion makes me uncomfortable…

5. … This too.

6. So betrayed!

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