Small Town Girl Makes Simon’s Day, The Second She Starts Singing Will Blow You Away!

When 12-year-old Kadie Lynn stepped on stage at America’s Got Talent, she had a quiet confidence that seemed to fill the entire room. The guitar-toting country singer showed up with her adoptive parents Darrel and Debbie Lynn who’ve had her back all this time.


According to Kadie, her parents go out of their way at every opportunity to help their daughter succeed in her career. They drive from their small Texas town to gigs all over the state, where Kadie surprises audiences all over with her mature voice and musical talent.

As she began to sing on America’s got talent, the entire room seemed amazed such a voice was coming from a 12-year-old! After her performance, Simon displayed a rare show of admiration for the young, and apparently soon to be famous, singer.

“On these shows, it’s a bit like you’re mining for talent. You dig, you dig, and you dig… but every every so often you find a little diamond. That’s what we found today in you. I believe we will look back to this moment and say, ‘This is the day we discovered Kadie Lynn.'”

Even if you’re no fan of country you’ll love her performance!

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