Little Dogs With Astoundingly Big Sticks, And They’re So Proud!

little dogs big sticks

If there is a trendsetter when it comes to small dogs carrying big sticks, that title will go to tiny Dachshund, Bosco. This stick-savvy little puppers doesn’t understand the meaning of “reasonable size” when it comes to his sticks. The bigger, the better. Bosco is so notorious for grabbing the largest stick in the park that he has his own TikTok channel!


But Bosco isn’t the only tiny dog that likes big sticks. We found several others who enjoy the same pastime. We’ll start with a couple of clips from Bosco’s TikTok.

1. Bosco Lives in London

This video has more than 58 million views! We love the encouragement from the gentleman on the path.

2. Bosco Stops To Regrip

Occasionally, Bosco has to stop to regrip his extra big stick. Don’t you dare try to help him, though. He quickly made this helpful gentleman feel useless!

3. Bosco Training The Next Generation!

Bosco is a father! When it came time to train his son in the fine art of carrying big sticks, Bosco went right to the task!


My first year of being a daddy! Happy Father’s Day 🪵☺️ #fathersday #dogvideo

♬ You and Me (Penny and the Quarters Cover) – Kilo Tango

4. Lending A Helping Hand… Paw… Mouth

When faced with an obstacle, these two small dogs decided teamwork was the ticket to success with their big stick! Notice the third coming back to check on his friends. He sees they have the situation under control and scampers off.

5. Guess Loves Big Sticks

Guess is a rat terrier determined to carry all the big sticks. Like Bosco, she stars in many videos on her own YouTube channel. Any wood is a stick, even when it’s a log!

6. Guess Had A Beach Party

There were so many sticks and logs on the beach, Guess had trouble selecting just one! He did settle on one and then gave it a full tour of the surroundings.

7. Bailey Is A Little Bigger But Still Wants To Play With Big Sticks

Laughing Bailey lives in the Netherlands with his sister, Happy Rosa. They have an Instagram where their dog mom posts all their fun adventures!

8. Girls Like Big Sticks, Too!

Ylva is a 7-year-old Chinese crested powderpuff who shares an Instagram with her 5-year-old brother, Erle — shown below with their friend, Lucas the Sheltie.

9. Not To Be Outdone By His Older Sister, Erle Shows Off His Skills

Erle likes his sticks long!

10. Lucas Has A Sister

Lucas the Sheltie has a sister named Alera. She and her friend Proysen like to share.

As you can see, there is no shortage of small dogs who enjoy tackling the big sticks. We could spend all day watching these videos if only we had time! Please enjoy them and share them with a friend or two.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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