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Groggy Baby’s Response To Dad’s Silly Questions Has Him Cracking Up.

An adorable baby goes through a whole multitude of expressions as he goes from deep sleep to wide awake, and it's the cutest thing ever.

At less than a year old, this kid has more facial expressions in his young repertoire than a lot of people have in a lifetime. He has such a wide range, in fact, that given another few years, he might even prove himself to be his generation’s Jim Carey!

Baby Oliver’s Dad took the following video back in August 2012, when his son was less than a year old. For nearly half a minute, he twists and turns in his sleep, his adorable little baby face squishing up and doing all sorts of other contortions.

What could this cutie pie be dreaming about?


But you can’t watch from about :25 on without busting out laughing! Oliver, a.k.a. The ORB, opens his little bitty eyes right around then, and all sorts of emotions fly across his face until his gaze finally focuses.


And the laughs don’t stop there, because how would you react if you woke from a nap to find someone standing over you with a camera? Maybe something like this?


“Good morning,”Dad says softly. “Did you sleep well?â€

You can almost see the wheels turning as Oliver considers the question and all the possible responses, before settling on this adorable reply:


“Niiiice … Love it when you wake up with a smile.â€

Oliver’s gotten up there in years since the video first surfaced, but at the ripe age of 5, it looks like he’s still melting hearts with that winning smile and too-cute facial expressions. His parents have documented nearly everything in his short little life, from one of his first Trick-or-Treat outings:


To taking on his new role as big brother to little Delilah:


Watch Baby Oliver’s wake-up routine in the clip below, and share if you agree this is just about the most adorable thing you’ve seen all day.

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