Skaters Glide Across Crystal Clear Lake In Stunningly Rare Phenomenon.

View from behind of two people ice skating on a super clear frozen lake. Snowy mountains can be seen in the distance, and the sky is clear and super blue.

It seems that nature will never fail to surprise me. Even Luc Mehl, an Alaskan outdoor educator and ice rescue instructor, still finds himself in awe over unexpected moments. Take, for example, the way Rabbit Lake in Alaska has frozen over this year. During the transition into winter, it was far colder and dryer than normal.


This combination transformed the lake into something magical. Rather than a typical frozen lake with snow and cloudiness, this year, Rabbit Lake is breathtakingly clear. It’s so clear, in fact, that it’s being called an “ice window.”

Two ice skaters stand on a frozen lake in Alaska that is super clear. Snowy mountains can be seen in the distance.

Luc and others took to the ice on skates, allowing us a close look at this stunning lake. Because the bed of the lake is largely rock rather than vegetation or soil, the view below is all the more unique.

“I’ve never experienced that in the 12 years that I’ve been doing this,” Luc said.

Watch experts go skating on this mesmerizingly clear lake in the video below. Don’t forget that thin ice can be incredibly dangerous! Please be sure any location you ice skate is safe to do so.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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