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Photographer Captures Breathtaking Light Show Over Alberta In Time-Lapse Videos.

Siv Heang Tav is no stranger to stunning sights. As a part-time server by day and an astrophotographer by night, she lives for the breathtaking scenes that come alive after the sun goes down.

Back in March, the Canadian photographer captured something truly magical. She met up with a couple friends at an abandoned barn south of her home in Calgary, Alberta, to see the northern lights.

There, she said, “The pillars of light from the aurora had already begun, peeking out from the clouds, and dancing for about an hour before slowing down.”

But the show was just getting started! After moving to another barn, the group saw “a vibrant purple ribbon with green picket-fence-shaped aurora spanning the night sky from east to west.”

Even more spectacular? Her time-lapse videos caught the entire eight-hour show – including several shooting stars! Check out the dazzling footage below, and share this story to amaze someone else.

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