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Sisters’ Chaotic Attempt To Fix Botched Hairdo Is A Cinematic Masterpiece.

A young girl looks at her younger sister after she attempted to cut her bangs. The little sister smiles, hair still in a twist after getting cut.

Life with five kids can be pretty chaotic — hilarious evidence of this can be found on the Zamarripa family TikTok page. Here, Mom documents her family’s life which, as you can imagine, leads to rather entertaining content. One particularly hairy situation was caught on accident thanks to one of the young girls. It starts with her attempting to do a “get ready with me” video.

Just as she’s showing off the pimple patches she plans on using, a younger sibling interrupts, asking for scissors. This gives the eldest a moment of pause, but she doesn’t ask too many questions before handing them to her. This is a moment she quickly regrets. Soon after, two siblings run into the room, screaming at the top of their lungs.

A young girl holds a finger to her mouth, indicating to her younger sister to be quiet. A third sister stands nearby and behind, watching on and potentially a bit amused.

Turns out, at the time of the video, tomorrow is picture day. So what better time to for a child to give their sibling bangs? Needless to say, it went as well as you’d imagine, and folks online have much to say about the ordeal.

The eldest, now completely taken away from the point of her original video, goes into big sister mode. She does everything she can to calm them down so Mom won’t notice. And although she does ask what’s going on, they manage to convince her to leave them alone… for a while, anyway.

Tweet from user @FlamesAdvocate that reads: Screenwriters wish they could write sibling relationships this authentic

The next couple of minutes are pure chaos the likes of which are usually seen in movies. The eldest looks up how to cut bangs while the weight of what they’ve done begins to hit the other two. A third sister almost rats them out, but she’s bribed with a cookie.

By the end, the oldest sibling manages to succefully fix the botched hairdo, giving her sister a rather adorable look. Still, when it’s time for Mom to find out how her daughter got the new look, she’s still not very happy.

“Pray for them,” the oldest says to the camera before the video ends.

Tweet from user @the_HUGOAT that reads: “Go show your dad” is the craziest cliff hanger ever I need season 2. what an amazing oldest sister tho

The reactions this video has gotten across social media has been an absolute delight. Between finding the dynamics between the siblings relatable to noting just how much this feels like a coming-of-age film, it’s resonating with people across the world.

“GURWM (get you ready with me) gone wrong,” Mom wrote in the caption on TikTok. “Camelia cut her bangs again.”

Tweet from user @kindbealestreet that reads: 

the middle sisters wreaking havoc

the older sister having to fix it all

the youngest sister gleefully trying to get them all in trouble

the mother just knowing something is up

the middle sisters blaming the oldest even after SHE fixed the bangs!

Where's the 3 season tv show

The fact that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened is truly the icing on the cake. Clearly, someone is destined to become a hairstylist. Well, after a few years of training first!

Watch these chaotic events unfold in the video below (Warning: Some swearing included).

@palmview956oficial GURWM gone wrong.. Camelia cut her bangs Again 😡🤯 #parati #sisters #hermanas #gurwm #valentina #scissors #camelia #magdalena #bangs #fypシ #956 #palmview956 #viral #rgv #zamarripa #zamarripasisters #fail #gonewrong #letsgetto200k #rgv956 #rgvtx956 ♬ original sound – Palmview956Oficial2.0

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