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Tired Mom Has Judges Rolling With Hilariously Honest Song About Motherhood.

There are some truths about parenting that are universal.

From sleepless nights to struggling to get your figure back after having a baby, there are just some aspects of raising kids that all moms understand intrinsically. That’s why when someone comes along and makes a great joke (or ten) about the joys of parenting, you’d better believe that we moms will appreciate the humor.


Siobhan Phillips of Yorkshire, United Kingdom is one of those mums who manages to make the trials and tribulations of child-rearing seem funny. The talented comedian has been performing around the small countryside where she lives, but now she’s ready to break into the real entertainment business with a little help from the judges on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

The moment the forty-two year-old mother steps onto the stage you can feel her stage presence. She’s got the sort of robust laugh and winking sense of humor that we instantly want her to be our best friend! As she addresses the judges before her performance, we’d guess the judges felt the same way. This lady is a hoot!

As she explains that she had her daughter late in life, she reveals that in retrospect that seems like a terrible decision. “I’m forty, I’m really old and tired, I think I’ll have a baby!” she says sarcastically before inviting the audience to join in on the song they haven’t even heard yet.


“They always say you should write songs around which subjects you are familiar, but I couldn’t think of a melody around cake,” Siobhan quips as she takes her place at the piano.

What follows is nothing short of hilarious. In just a few minutes this funny lady manages to make jokes many parents can relate to, from our secret desire to do away with Peppa Pig to our reliance on Prosecco to keep us from going off the deep end.


Throughout the song, both Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon were howling with laughter, especially when she drops the perfect lyric: “”I accidentally put my bra on backwards… and it fit.” Siobhan even managed to crack Simon Cowell’s notoriously tough facade when she ended her song with a joke about hoping her daughter grows up to someday marry Simon’s son, Eric Cowell.


Based on what we saw during this audition we absolutely can’t wait to see what else Siobhan has in store for us this season! She’s exactly the sort of hero exhausted moms need — someone to keep us laughing through the long days and nights of taking care of kids!

Watch Siobhan’s hysterical song for all the mothers of the world in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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