Single Moms Unite! BFFs Move In Together To Create 1-Of-A-Kind Blended Family.

Best Friends and Single Moms, Lauren Robinson and Samantha Best, Smile for the Camera with Their Children, Haidyn and Kaelin.

If you’re a child of the eighties, you may recall an old sitcom by the name of “Kate & Allie.”

This popular show revolved around the everyday adventures of two divorcees and best friends who decide to move in together and co-parent their children. In a case of life imitating art, BFFs Samantha Best and Lauren Robinson have chosen a similar path. Just call them “Sam & Lauren.”

The culmination of a four-year friendship that originally began on Instagram, Samantha, 24, and Lauren, 26, now live together in Auckland, New Zealand with their respective children, son Kaelin, 4, and daughter Haidyn, 5.

“We’re single moms who live together and split our finances,” said Samantha.

In addition to the practical benefits of splitting both parental and financial responsibilities, Samantha and Lauren enjoy the comradery of being together, often posting family photos and videos on social media.

“I live with my best friend, and we have so much fun together. said Samantha. “We love wine nights together, watching “Love Island” together. Who wouldn’t want to live with their best friend?”

Before moving in with her BFF, Samantha was struggling with the demands of single parenthood. The rising cost of living made it difficult to provide for Kaelin, and she often felt lonely and scared on her own. Finally, she decided to take the plunge. And she has no regrets. In fact, Samantha advocates for any single mom to do the same.

“Definitely move in with your best friend if you have the chance to,” said Samantha. “If you have a good foundation of friendship, you should do it. It’s like dating. It’s a big thing to live with someone but if you get on well, why not?”

It appears that many people would agree with this logic. Aside from speculation about their relationship status and the occasional negative comment, most folks have been incredibly supportive. Unconventional? Perhaps. But conventional wisdom doesn’t always allow for creative, out-of-the-box solutions. When it comes to single moms and their kids, shared accommodations between platonic friends might just be a wise alternative to going through it alone or parenting in isolation.

“I hope I can inspire other people to do this and live with their friend if they are both single parents,” Samantha said. “It would help to give single mums a better life.”

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