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Move Over, Charcuterie! Couple Supports Daughters With Monthly “Period Boards.”

Tifany Allen-Ciota and Michael Ciota

Menstruation is a totally normal part of womanhood, yet people rarely talk about how hard it can be to deal with every month.

In an effort to normalize periods and empathize with the people who suffer from their symptoms, one couple shared an idea on TikTok that went viral. Tifany Allen-Ciota and Michael Ciota say that the trick to beating the period blues lies on a regular old cutting board.

Tifany and Michael are parents to two daughters, Brooke and Courtney. In their video, they shared that when it’s “that time of the month,” they like to prepare a customized version of the trendy cheese-and-crackers charcuterie board. Instead of olives, salami, and cheddar, the board contains of snack foods, pain relievers, and other helpful items for someone on their period.

“Your teenage daughter comes home and she’s emotional because it’s that time of the month, you want to meet her at the door with the Aleve and maybe some tissues,” Tifany said in the video. “She might just be raging but you never know.”

The period board holds a variety of salty and sweet snacks, sanitary napkins, Aleve, and the all-important heating pads.

In an interview with Scary Mommy, Tifany explained that she’d seen lots of videos on TikTok about different board trends, from butter boards to pasta boards, and it gave her the idea for the period board. She says Michael didn’t know anything about periods, but he’s been learning a lot more about the process by helping her make the boards.

“I wanted my daughters to come home to a safe environment,” she said. “It started out as a bit of a joke and I thought they might be a bit embarrassed, but they loved it.”

Tifany and Michael also advise parents have a glass of wine after handing over the board! Hey, whatever works, right?

Watch the full video below for ideas to make your own period board, and don’t forget to share with someone who could use this advice – which is anyone who menstruates or loves someone who menstruates!


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