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Struggling Mom Collapsed In Shock When Boss Told Her Unthinkable Thing He’d Done For Her.

Modell’s CEO Mitchell Modell shaved his head and grew a mustache to go incognito for one week at one of his popular sporting goods stores. Mitchell wanted to see what working for him was really like… and had an experience he’ll never forget.

On his “first day” of work, Mitchell met Angel, a shift manager at one of his many stores. Right away he noticed her patience, knowledge and passion for the business he’d built from the ground up. Through the course of the week, Angel guided Mitchell through the basic tasks and guidelines that keep the store running smoothly with a gracious patience that he couldn’t believe.

“I love this job… but it hasn’t always been this way,”Angel confessed.

In an emotional conversation, Angel opened up about her situation at home. The single mother was living in a homeless shelter and had experienced the lowest of lows over the years. Despite all the things she’s been through, Angel only had words of hope and encouragement for her Undercover Boss.

“Let me tell you something, things get better. As long as you have that drive and push things are gonna get better. You’re gonna be fine.â€



In this beautiful moment, Mitchell broke down completely. He was devastated that anyone under his employ would be living in a homeless shelter, much less a single mother striving to make it.

Mitchell decided to promote Angel and give her a $14,000 raise… but that wasn’t all.

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Mitchell was so touched by Angel’s kindness and character that he handed her a check for $250,000 to give her the chance to break free of her situation.

“Ever since I left you it kills me to see that you’re still there. So I have a check for you, I want you to move out of there tonight.”



Angel was so overcome with emotion her knees literally gave way… but Mitchell caught her and sat down on the floor with Angel until she was able to stand.

“I’m gonna tell my children that we’re not going back to the shelter anymore, that we’re going to have our own place. They can play in the backyard… they can be kids.â€

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