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5 Male Nurses Start Singing In Operating Room — Launch Into Hilarious Parody.

singing laryngospasms

When it comes to song parodies, the closer the lyrics come to the truth, the funnier they are.

Gary Cozine, Doug Meuwissen, Rich Leyh, and Keith Larson are all certified registered nurse anesthetists from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Individually, they’re all hardworking nurses who assist the anesthesiologist during surgery, ensuring a safe experience and positive outcome for their patients. But in their spare time, they’re also rock stars. Well, sort of.


The doctors are members of a musical parody group called The Laryngospasms. In case you’re not familiar with the term laryngospasm, it’s the medical term for the sensation of not being able to breathe or speak. While that sounds pretty terrible to experience, the musical group is much, much more palatable.

The group got together many years ago while they were in school to get their nursing degrees. Seeking a way to relieve their stress and tension at exam time, the four men started coming up with funny, medically-inspired lyrics to use with popular songs. Next thing they knew, they’d formed a legit musical act that would go on to perform at medical conferences around the country!


Years after they got their start, The Laryngospasms decided to make a music video for their funny parody of Neil Sedaka’s song, “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” They changed the lyrics to be entirely about waking up after surgery, something they’re all experts in. The new song is called, “Waking Up Is Hard To Do.”


All four nurses put on their surgical scrubs for the video, and they seem to have recruited a few other hospital workers to join in on the fun, too!

Crooning lines like, “Now I think I’ll throw up on you, ‘cuz waking up is hard to do,” and, “If I wake, I’m going to sue, ‘cuz waking up is hard to do,” with a straight face couldn’t have been easy, but they somehow managed to get through it without cracking up!


The best thing about this spoof isn’t even the lyrics, which are quite funny – it’s the fact that these guys are actually talented! They harmonize beautifully. They could easily be in a “real band,” but certainly they’re having too much fun making medical parodies to bother.

Check out “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

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