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Silly Clip Captures Hilariously Chaotic Parrot Going “Stir” Crazy With Mom’s Coffee

Images show Richard the parrot stirring his owner's morning coffee with gusto.

Having avian roommates can be enjoyable. Not all birds speak, but they are all silly. If you allow them to roam around the house, they will attempt to be helpful. Such was the case when this tiny parrot wanted to help its bird parent stir their morning coffee.

This little parrot’s name is Richard. He lives with his humans in Zaragoza, Spain, where he enjoys this particular activity daily. Richard isn’t the only bird that enjoys a morning ritual. Peanut the cockatiel prefers to “bob to the rhythm” of his human stirring the morning java in the Netherlands.

We don’t think Einstien, the African gray parrot, is allowed to drink coffee, but he is adept at providing the sound effects of a luxurious coffee break. Listen as he gulps, slurps, and burps the eloquent sounds of that first refreshing cup of a favorite brew. He prides himself on making people happy. If you want to see more of him, Einstien the talking parrot has his own TikTok channel.

Bird Nerd Sophie trains birds. One of their tricks is stirring beverages, but Sophie hasn’t figured out why the birds always seem to want to throw the spoons. There are several additional videos on Sophie’s page if you want to laugh at silly avian antics.


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Considering A Parrot For Your Family?

Talking parrots can be incredibly silly. Having birds as pets is not as easy as dogs and cats, so please research them well before adopting one. I once had a friend with an African gray that would beep like the microwave. One friend’s bird would say, “Shut yer pie hole” when the dogs barked. That same bird also barked like a dog occasionally. Another friend with a parrot could not bring Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) home without giving the cannibalistic critter a drumstick!

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