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Woman Meets Brother She Never Knew She Had, Then Discovers A Shocking Family Secret.

Imagine going through your whole life not knowing whether you were an only child or had a sibling out there somewhere. Maybe even a couple… But three?

That’s exactly what happened to a Washington state resident who just last month finally got to meet all three of her siblings, thanks to some online sleuthing and a Facebook post that went viral.


Christina Housel was adopted as a young child and never knew her mother. The mild curiosity Christina harbored about her past grew as she got older, especially after she became a mother herself, and earlier this year she decided to do some digging.

Her search eventually led her to a brother in Arizona, Lyle James Berryman, who she traveled out to see in June.

“When I saw (her) photo, I knew she was my sister,”Lyle said. “She looks like me.â€


While Christina had never met her mother, her brother had spent at least a little time with her.


He not only showed Christina pictures he had of their mom but also dropped something of a bombshell: Before she died, he told her, their mom confessed to him he had more siblings. Somewhere out there were two twin girls.

The search was on. In a bid to track them down, the newly united siblings posted the photo below on Facebook and asked everyone to share it:


It was just a matter of weeks before the photo reached the twins, Ashley Bo in South Dakota and Lauren Rutherford in Tennessee.


“I was like, ‘Is this my older sister?’”Ashley said.

“It was like, ‘Holy cow, could this really be them?’”Lauren added.


Watch the siblings meet for the first time ever in the video below. Share to spread the joy!

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