Shrek The Cat “Reads” Mean Comments In Hilarious Video: WATCH

A sleepy-looking cat receives a comment poking fun at him.

A cat with a chronically sleepy-looking face has been receiving some insulting comments online, but don’t worry! According to his mom, this gentle teasing is “all out of love.” Shrek the cat has quite the following on TikTok, which includes a large number of commenters pointing out his unusually exhausted facial expressions. His owner decided to read the roasts out loud to him for fun!

“Shrek looks like his wife left him and took the kids,” she repeated, laughing. “Shrek looks like ‘a piece of plastic that warped in the microwave.'”

In another video, Shrek’s owner explains why the cat constantly looks so tired. When he was first rescued, Shrek the cat had to have surgery to correct an unfortunate condition called entropion, which caused his eyelashes to grow into his eyes. Although the procedure was successful, Shrek still squints quite often, making it look like he’s just woken up from a long nap!

Watch the video below to learn more about Shrek’s condition and treatment.

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