“Shoving My Fadder Into A Balloon”: Irish Man Hilariously Bounces Around In Giant Green Balloon

Image shows a man putting his father into a giant balloon. Left image is the beginning. Right image is the father bouncing inside the balloon and getting some "air time."

In a viral video on X (Twitter) from Kerry, Ireland, Tadhg Fleming shows the process it took to encase his father in a giant balloon. Before you watch, please use the facilities and have laugh tissues available because it is hilarious. We’ll start by pointing out the reaction of the family dog, who wanted no part of these shenanigans! The dog lounges in the background throughout the video, not moving a muscle. It is possible he thought he might be in the giant balloon next.

Image shows that the family dog is not bothered by the shenanigans occurring in the same room. He is laying on his doggie sofa watching.
Image from X (Twitter).

The video begins with the father in a chair. Tadhg Fleming is in the foreground with a giant green balloon and a leaf blower, saying, “Hey guys. Come with me as I shove my fadder into the balloon.” He uses the blower to inflate and stretch the balloon. The blower fires up, and it is game on! (NSFW language in the video below.)

Although visibly apprehensive, Tadhg’s father seems willing to play along. Once the balloon is large, they begin the process with the feet.

Image shows Tadhg Fleming shoving his father in a giant green balloon, beginning with his feet.
Image from X (Twitter).

While they struggle, the balloon loses air, so the first effort only gets his father up to the knees. The blower returns to add more air to expand the balloon again. The struggle became real once they got the balloon up over the father’s waist. Tadhg called in some backup assistance, getting his sister involved in these shenanigans.

Left image shows the giant balloon up to the father's waist. Right image shows it up to his neck with Tadhg and his sister adding more air.
Image from X (Twitter).

Success As The Giant Balloon Caper Continues

They got the balloon up to their father’s neck and filled it with more air to allow him room to move. Tadhg had to climb onto the chair to fill the balloon. Once a proper inflation was achieved, the three celebrated with jumps and laughter. The joy of success!

Left image shows Tadhg's father encased while Tadgh adds more air. Right image shows the three celebrating the success of their shenanigans.
Image from X (Twitter).

Watch the entire video of these shenanigans above.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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