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She’s A Barbie Girl: Young Gymnast Cartwheels Through Doll-Themed Floor Routine.

What do you get when you cross a talented young gymnast with an iconic American doll?

A viral Barbie gymnastics routine!

Rebekah Ripley is no stranger to the social media spotlight. The Brigham Young University senior has already tasted viral status when one of her previous gymnastic routines lit up the world wide web. This time around, Rebekah is channeling Barbie in a floor exercise that is equal parts original, campy, and wildly entertaining.

“For Barbie, it was just trying to make myself look like a Barbie, and make her come to life” Rebekah explained.

Throughout the video of her routine, Rebekah performs a series of sharp, robotic movements and frozen expressions that propel her from one element to the next in seamless transition. She fully inhabits the character of Barbie by adopting the physicality of a plastic-doll-turned-pro-gymnast.

What’s not to love? Check out gymnastics Barbie below and share this unique interpretation with others.

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