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Determined Bride Hitchhikes To Her Own Ceremony After Vintage Car Gives Out.

bride and bridesmaid on side of road

Most brides dream of a serene wedding day filled with champagne, family and friends, and the love of their life.

The reality is often fraught with stress and worry, so keeping a positive attitude is a must! New bride Shenice Beirne managed to do just that on her big day, even though everything very nearly went sideways.

Shenice couldn’t wait to marry Sean Beirne at St Barnabas Church in Gloucester, England. While the majority of their wedding party went ahead in a separate car, the bride, her mother, and her sister rode in style in a vintage Beauford car they’d rented for the occasion.

The only problem was that the vehicle sputtered to a halt and broke down about 25 minutes away from the church.

Stranded, Shenice borrowed the chauffeur’s phone and found that she couldn’t get a taxi. Not only that, but it would also take a full hour for her bridesmaids to come back and get them. Already running late, the resourceful bride did what she had to do: She started hitchhiking!

“My sister and I stood in the road in my big white dress waving down cars,” Shenice wrote later. “We had one guy who stopped in a van who was so lovely but didn’t have space to take us so we continued to wave down cars.”

It took a solid 15 minutes of waving in her wedding dress before Matt and Michelle Moore pulled over to help them out. “They were coming from near Dudley for a trip to look around the Gloucester Quays,” Shenice explained. “They were my guardian angels.”

The kind couple told Shenice and her family to hop in, and 25 minutes later, they arrived at the church. Obviously, the bride had to get their picture before they left!

“I honestly cannot THANK them enough for stopping and taking the time out of their afternoon to give us a lift to the church,” she wrote. “I am ever so grateful!!”

Even though the ceremony started about an hour late, Shenice and Sean finally tied the knot as planned! Their vintage car was even repaired in time to take them to their reception afterward!

Shenice said she’s just happy she managed to keep her cool during this unusual chain of events. She didn’t want a little bump in the road to ruin one of the biggest days of her life, after all!

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