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Shelter Puppy’s Hostility Makes Adoption Impossible, Until Foster Mom Steps In.

Now, Azzy is very happy with her new home!

When a Houston animal shelter took in a puppy with behavioral issues who showed no sign of improving, they weren’t sure what to do next. In fact, the dog narrowly avoided being put down thanks to Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch, a Texas charity dedicated to rescues. Kelly Williams, who runs the operation, was determined to get this pooch on the road to recovery. She decided to foster the puppy, named “Azzy” (short for “Arizona”), until she could be safely moved to another shelter.

“She was at risk of euthanasia,” Kelly recalled to Newsweek. “She was so terrified and she was noted as ‘snapping and biting at the leash.’ We offered to foster her to work with her.”

A scared shelter puppy became aggressive.
Screengrab from Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch/TikTok

Gaining Azzy’s trust wasn’t easy, but Kelly had a lot of experience with scared and aggressive pups. Not only has she fostered a number of abandoned dogs, but she’s also given 19 furry friends a permanent home!

“She was terrified and drooling,” the new foster mom said of Azzy’s first day at her temporary home. “She was snapping through the cage when she arrived and didn’t want us near her.”

She continued, “I took her into a secure yard and put all the other dogs inside. I opened her crate and let her run out. She went potty and looked around to see how she could escape. All the while, I did what I always do… sang ‘Amazing Grace.'”

Thanks to her foster mom, the puppy's attitude changed completely.
Screengrab from Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch/TikTok

After Azzy calmed down a bit, Kelly was able to work her magic. The dog’s demeanor changed completely once she received the love and attention she deserved!

“She came out of her shell and was spoiled rotten,” said Kelly. “Cooked chicken, her own room, lots of love and buddies to play with.”

Unfortunately, as soon as Azzy was relinquished into the care of her new shelter, the dog reverted to old behaviors. So, Kelly decided to take her back home — this time, for good!

Now, Azzy is very happy with her new home!
Screengrab from Kelaroo’s Ruff Ranch/TikTok

“When I got there, she was ecstatic,” said Azzy’s new mom. “She curled right up in my arms. That feeling… There is nothing else you can do but take them home and protect them forever. So we adopted Azzy.”

We’re so happy that this puppy has finally found her forever family!

Watch the video below to learn more about Azzy’s story.


Shelter puppy was labeled aggressive. We got the call to foster to see if we could “work with her” (we have rescued many with issues). As you can see, she went from Terrified to Tail Wags in no time! Oh and more to come. She dodnt transport…#defyinglabels #scareddog #rescue #dog #shelterdog #transformation #fyp #fosterdog #fostermom

♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – christina perri

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