“She Gets It.” Daughter’s Question About Dad’s Sobriety Milestone Moves Mom To Tears.

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of megan and her husband. on the right there is a picture of a brownie with a hershey's kiss on top.

For most people, time just seems to fly by. But for a recovering addict, every day of sobriety is a challenge – a challenge that can make one minute feel like an hour.

Megan Aronson and her family understand this very well. In September 2022, Megan’s husband celebrated nine years of sobriety. In Megan’s words, it’s been nine years since her daughter’s dad “reclaimed his life from opioid addiction.”

Not wanting this huge milestone to go unnoticed, Megan’s 15-year-old daughter approached her mom the night before the anniversary with an important question.

This conversation was so heartwarming that Megan decided to write a thread on Twitter about it.

“She gets it,” Megan added.

But the thread did not end there! Megan made sure to share what her precious daughter did to celebrate her dad’s huge accomplishment: She made a brownie and added a Hershey’s chocolate kiss on top!

What a cute way to celebrate this huge milestone! It is amazing to see how at such a young age, Megan’s daughter knows the importance of celebrating moments like this one.

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