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7-Year-Old Dives To Bottom Of Pool To Rescue Toddler Who Stopped Breathing.

a two-photo collage. the first is of a swimming pool and the second is a closeup of massiah browne smiling while standing outside.

It was a beautiful summer day at the pool, but it very nearly ended in tragedy.

Seven-year-old Massiah Browne was swimming in his Sacramento, California apartment complex’s pool with his 9-year-old aunt, Savannah, when he noticed something odd at the bottom of the pool. There, six feet below the water’s surface, was a toddler with his mouth and eyes wide open.

The second-grader told Savannah who urged him to jump in and get the boy. Massiah has been swimming since he was three years old. Dad Marcus Browne, a boxer who competed in the 2012 Olympics, says his son swims like “a fish.”

In a heartbeat, Massiah was in the pool, diving deep down to the bottom to grab the arm of the 3-year-old boy. Back at the surface, Savannah helped him pull the child to the pool deck where adults were waiting to help.

“I do not know how he did it. He is only 7, small framed and not that much taller than the child he tried to save.” neighbor Djuan Perry, who witnessed the ordeal, wrote on Facebook.

Two neighbors began CPR on the lifeless child. As the tense moment unfolded, the Sacramento Fire Department arrived on the scene to provide more advanced life support efforts. The boy started to breathe on his own again just as help arrived, and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Now, everyone is calling Massiah a hero. But like many heroes, he doesn’t think he actually is one.

“But my mom does,” he said bashfully.

We have to agree with Tiara! If it weren’t for Massiah, this story could have had a very dark ending. Instead, Massiah and his family hope it reminds others to watch every child in a pool at all times and to learn lifesaving tactics like CPR.

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