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Seriously Impressive: Voice Actor Can Make Herself Sound Exactly Like Any Disney Character

A voice actor shows her followers how to imitate Disney characters.

A voice actor is putting her skills to the test by imitating different Disney characters, and her followers are here for it! Shelby Young is a woman of many talents, but one of the things she’s best known for is her spot-on voice impressions on social media. From iconic heroes like Elastigirl from The Incredibles to more obscure roles like young Tantor in Tarzan, Shelby can copy almost any character. What’s even cooler is that she shows her followers how she does it!

Some of Shelby Young’s more popular videos are the ones where she demonstrates how to transition between different voices. In one viral clip, she cycles through a variety of Disney characters’ voices by making subtle changes to her tone and mannerisms. For example, she switches from Tarzan‘s Jane to Marie from The Aristocats by simply using a higher pitch. It’s amazing how quickly she can go from one character to another!

“How does she always sound exactly like the characters???” one commenter marveled. “It’s amazing.”

Another added, “The fact she does it perfectly every time.”

A voice actor shows her followers how to imitate Disney characters.
Screengrab from YouTube

What a fantastic talent this voice actor has for imitating Disney characters! We’re so lucky that Shelby Young is sharing her voice acting expertise with us online.

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