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Seemingly Demure Granny Takes “BGT” Stage, But Everyone Gasps When They See Her Act.

Granny Rocks Judges on the BGT stage.

When envisioning a grandma, we usually conjure images of cookie-baking matrons ready to spoil the grandkids. We’re sure that was on the minds of the “Britain’s Got Talent” judges when this happy 77-year-old granny walked onstage in 2020. The initial interview was mild and gave no clue about the act they were about to witness. With some trepidation, Judge David Walliams beckons Crissy Lee to begin her act.

Two stagehands enter to pull away a curtain wall to reveal Crissy sitting behind an incredible professional drum set! Gasps loudly emanate from the audience and the judge’s table. What followed was a total rocking adventure on drums. 

After a veiled beginning, this granny is revealed behind a stage curtain seated at a professional drum set, sticks ready to begin rocking.
Image from YouTube.

The audience buzzes with anticipation, with everyone wondering what this granny has planned. The music begins with Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” blaring as Chrissy joins in on the drums. In a seamless transition, the music shifts to Aerosmith and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady).” Chrissy tags along energetically, using the entire drum set to keep pace with the song. The music then segues into “The Final Countdown” by Europe. As Chrissy finishes her set, the judges are playing air drums with her.

After exclaiming, “I wasn’t expecting THAT!” Simon is all smiles and is the first to offer a standing ovation for the incredible performance. Chrissy rejoins the judges at the front of the stage with Starship’s “We Built This City” playing over the speakers. And, in fact, we discovered that Crissy was one of the people who built the city!  

Granny drummer audition for Britain's Got Talent. Image shows Simon Cowell clapping and beginning a standing ovation for the performer.
Image from YouTube.

This granny’s career began during her teen years in the 1950s. As one of the first female drummers, she played with some of the era’s greatest acts. Chrissy stated during an interview with National Jazz Archive that she had no formal training. Her dad brought home a pair of drumsticks when she was very young. She just started drumming on furniture, stating that her talent was natural. Born in June 1943 in Colchester, Essex, Chrissy began touring under the watchful eyes of her father when she was 13 years old.

In a 2020 interview with Daily Mail, Chrissy mentioned that the highlight of her career was touring with the Beatles during their Spain tour in the 1960s. A rumor of an engagement between Crissy and Sir Paul McCartney circulated at one point. She denies that, stating: “Apparently, I was engaged to Paul. I wouldn’t have minded being engaged to Paul because, at the time, he was my favourite.”

Although she received four yes votes after this performance, she did not make it to the final rounds of the competition. Chrissy continues playing and teaching drums. We don’t think anything will slow this granny down!

Watch the video of Chrissy’s 2020 audition:

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