The Secret To Happiness? This Brain Doctor’s Ingenious Cartoon Could Change Your Life.

brains massaging each other

“This is the story of how Broody, a very unhappy brain, became very happy” – reads the youtube description for this incredibly insightful video by Amit Sood, MD.


Sood is not just making up these conclusions — he is a professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, a respected researcher of integrated medicine, and a fellow at the American College of Physicians.


His breakdown is simple and spot on: there are some very real things that make us unhappy (stress, physical pain, a hurting relationship, etc.).  Often we try to just think “I need to be happy” to combat these feelings.  The result?  More stagnation and pain.


Sood’s evidence based answer is simple: don’t focus on being happy.  Instead focus on compassion & gratitude, and happiness will follow.


Our takeaway: Be thankful & compassionate TODAY with whoever is physically next to you.  Whether that be your wife, friend, or a stranger you bump into…it matters and will bring you so much joy.

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