4-Yr-Olds Explain How “Easy” Love Is, Light Up Internet With Adorable Explanation.

red head 4 yr olds grinning

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship can attest to the anxiety induced by the slightest mentions of marriage. However, at some point the switch flips and everything begins to click. Either you will take that next step forward, overthink the implications of marriage, or muscle through and learn as you go.

But unlike the balls of tension and worrying messes that adults are, children are able to simplify love, relationships and commitment. Throw on a cheeky English accent and you’ll find the most adorable 4 year olds who are able to convince you that they’re ready for their lifetime nuptials.

Channel 4’s The Secret life of Four Year Olds is taking awe-inducing moments to the next level. Orlagh is ready to get hitched with her classmate Layton. And while he has his reservations about the dynamics of how it’ll work out, they end up finding mutual ground and agreement. He’s able to break down what marriage means into three simple terms: Living together, kissing each other and cuddling each other.And by-golly, did he hit the nail on the head.

Layton is even more aware than most adults when it comes to the dangers kissing someone with a cold sore, or, as he puts it, “coleslaw”.

Take a look below to learn the dangers of “coleslaw” and the simplicity of love in the eyes of children.

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Secret Life of 4 Year Olds: Cuddles and Coleslaws

4 year olds talking about getting married is THE BEST THING WE’VE SEEN ALL YEAR!

Posted by Channel 4 on Saturday, November 19, 2016

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