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Jogging Man Finds Traumatized Puppy Screaming For Help & Drops Everything To Save Him.

Anyone who thinks animals can’t talk might seriously reevaluate that opinion after watching a video that’s rapidly going viral on Reddit.

A Reddit user from Saudi Arabia who goes by the name Desertgodfather shared a brief video of a sad discovery he made while out for a jog. As the man moved down the sidewalk he heard a terrible sound coming from behind a large palm tree. The sound can only be described as “screaming,” but when the man rounded the corner to see what was calling out to him he was startled to find not a child, but a puppy.


The sound the animal was making was utterly heartbreaking. It’s as if his very soul was calling out to the world and begging for help. The little yellow dog was skin and bones and clearly terrified by whatever trauma he’d recently endured. In fact, after the jogger uploaded the video, dozens of readers commented that their own well-loved house pets came running into the room when they heard this puppy screaming for help.


“During in my jogging time, I found this cute baby screaming,” he wrote,” so I will adopt him.”  In the video he approaches the terrorized animal, who instantly begins to quiet down when he senses someone coming near. You can see the man reach out a large hand to gently caress the puppy and as spectators we’re instantly relieved that someone is finally going to help this dog.

Like any good internet citizen, he pledged to keep Reddit updated as he took in and provided care for the abandoned puppy. True to his word, the next update showed the puppy, who now goes by Scopy, on the way home with his new friend.


Scopy was resting at his home with a full bowl of kibble, but later that night he admitted that he simply couldn’t bear to wait until the next day to get him examined by a veterinarian.

“Guys I cant wait until tomorrow so we went to vet clinic. Dr. told me he is ok but very hungry,” he wrote.


After receiving a clean bill of health, the pair were able to head home to begin their life together!

“Scopy back to house with high morale,” he wrote after getting home with a much happier Scopy. And it’s easy to tell that the puppy’s little belly is starting to look round and full thanks to the good food his new owner is giving him.


Scopy’s new owner even set up a subreddit to keep people up to date on his progress, and hopefully all who see this video will consider rescuing an animal themselves thanks to Desertgodfather’s amazing example!

Listen to the video that captivated Reddit below, and be sure to share to encourage more animal adoptions and rescues!

Durning in my jogging time, I found this cute baby screaming , he screams as help me man I guess , so I will adopt him . from HumansBeingBros

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