School Resource Officers Go Extra Mile To Help Homeless Student With Broken-Down Van

A large white van sits in an empty parking lot at a distance. Trees are nearby.

You never know exactly what someone is going through. At La Vergne High School in Tennessee, one student has been homeless for a while. In fact, the 17-year-old has been living in a van. When the school’s ATLAS coordinator found out, she immediately took action to help. In doing so, she located a nearby shelter for him. Unfortunately, that’s exactly when his van broke down.

Although the coordinator herself couldn’t fix the van, she knew two people who could help: school resource officers Cody Didier and Jeremy Gregory. First, they went to work in an attempt to fix it by themselves. When that didn’t work, they called a local Auto Zone. When the manager there learned of the teenager’s situation, they donated a new alternator.

School Resource Officers in Tennessee Help 17-Year-Old Homeless Student

With an alternator in tow, Cody and Jeremy installed it themselves. After that, they took the time to fill the van up with gas, using their own money. Now, the homeless student has a safer place to stay and a vehicle to get to and from school. This will no doubt have a lasting impact on his life.

“Their types of actions represent the true definition of what it is to be a school resource officer in the Rutherford County Sheriff’s SRO Division,” SRO Sgt. John Acton says.

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