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Savannah Bananas’ Lip-Sync Of “Since You’ve Been Gone” Has Kelly Clarkson Petitioning To Go To A Game!

Savannah Bananas Kelly Clarkson

The Savannah Bananas baseball team performed a lip sync of Kelly Clarkson’s hit Since You’ve Been Gone, and now Kelly is desperate to go to a game!

The silly Georgia-based team put on a full song and dance of the single earlier this month while playing for a sold-out game at Fenway Park. In a video posted to Instagram, a star player performed the silent vocals while the rest of the team danced along. It didn’t take long for the clip to pass Kelly’s feed. She was so impressed that she invited the team’s owner, Jesse Cole, and player David “DR” Meadows to her talk show.

During the June 28 installment of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly explained that the Savannah Bananas are so well-loved that they have a waitlist of 2.5 million people—she and her sister are on it. Now that she’s been recognized by the team, she’s hoping she can sneak up that list.

“My sister is the one who sent me this. And it’s why you’re here,” she told Jesse and DR during the episode. “I went down the rabbit hole watching.”

The Savannah Bananas Team Owner May Help Kelly Clarkson Snag A Ticket

The Savannah Bananas is an exhibition team similar to the Harlem Globetrotters. They travel the country and play other showman teams. During the games, they’ll sing, dance, run bases wearing stilts, and more. Jesse Cole admitted that he and his wife “lost everything” trying to get the concept off the ground. But when it finally caught on, they became a hit overnight.

Jesse said he invested so much into the team that when it didn’t initially catch on, he overdrafted his account. And eventually, he had to sell his house. He and his wife were sleeping on an air mattress, still determined to make their dream a reality, when they managed to get a game scheduled that showcased all of their family fun highlights. It was a success, and from that day forward, every single game has been sold out.

As Kelly shared on Instagram, she’s petitioning to get to a game. Fortunately for her, the Savannah Bananas are just as impressed by her as she is by them. So the owner said he could “help” her and her sister snag tickets. Hopefully, when she goes, she’ll help the players put on their halftime show.

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