After Grueling 12 Miles, Female Army Captain Collapses 20 ft From Finish. But Watch How She Bounces Back!

U.S. Army Captain Sarah Cudd of Public Health Command was one of 46 candidates who passed the Expert Field Medical Badge. The process is a series of grueling tests for Army medical professionals… the program started out with 239 candidates. The video below featured Cudd at the very end of the last test of the entire program.

To complete the challenge, candidates had to trek 12 miles while carrying a 35-pound rucksack and a 5-pound weapon; and it had to be completed within three hours. On the last stretch, Cudd’s legs began to give out out of pure exhaustion. But this strong woman refused to give up.

“I was thinking about the 10 days of training I’d gone through and how hard we’d all worked to get here and thinking about going home to see my husband,” she said. “That combined with all the encouragement I was getting from my friends and cadre was what got me up and over the finish line.”

Every one of her comrades cheered her on until she crossed to the other side. She made it in 2 hours and 47 minutes. “Relief was the only thing I felt after I was done,” she said. “Relief and gratitude to all those who were supporting me and willing me to the finish line.” Now Cudd works at the veterinary treatment facility at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Watch Army Captain Cudd show us what unbeatable determination really means!

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