Bona Fide Magic: Teacher’s Creative Hobby Lets Him Hang Out With Disney Characters.

By day, Samuel MB is an elementary school teacher. By night, he’s a digital artist, actor, and Instagram celebrity!

Samuel has gathered more than 322,000 followers on the social media platform thanks to his creative use of Photoshop. He grew up loving all things Disney, and seeing the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” inspired him to combine digital photography with cartoons. The results are adorable… and often hilarious!

1. Samuel gets inspired by watching Disney films and imagining himself in the scenes.

2. He uses his artistic eye to get his portraits just right, so he blends in seamlessly with the background.

3. “The biggest challenge with these photos is creating good lighting and shadows for the characters,” Samuel said.

4. “The most rewarding thing is seeing people’s reactions when I post a photo. I like to see that something that I have created is liked by so many people.”

5. Samuel said he’s always learning something new about Photoshop, which keeps him coming back for more.

6. He even shows his work to his students. Unsurprisingly, they love each and every one!

7. “Sometimes when we watch Disney movies in class, I show them my photos first so that they see that I am friends with the protagonists of the film,” Samuel said.

8. The kids love Samuel’s mixture of fantasy and reality.

9. The world is just a bit more magical when it’s seen through Samuel’s eyes.

10. Most of Samuel’s work takes place inside his own home.

11. He spends a lot of time cleaning up after his cartoon visitors. Sometimes they even help!

12. Other times they’re not so helpful…

13. Like, at all.

14. Just give him the donut and no one gets hurt, Samuel!

15. But the uplifting moments make up for all the hard work!

This is one of the best uses of Photoshop we’ve seen yet! We love the whimsy Samuel brings into the world. No wonder this teacher has such a devoted online following!

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