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Judges Lose It When Rejected Singer Asks “Can I Do Something Before I Go?”

sam black proposal

If you didn’t catch Sam Black‘s “The X Factor” U.K. audition a few weeks back, go watch it now – you won’t regret it.

The 27-year-old is not only easy on the eyes, but his voice is wonderful and it’s clear that he loves his little family so much. He’s beautifully devoted to his girlfriend and their eight-month-old son. A plasterer by trade, Sam gave up his job to audition and attend boot camp for the hit talent show. But after a rough week of nonstop singing, he wasn’t feeling especially confident.


Nonetheless, he went into the live show with one goal: To make his family proud.

“If I could … make a better life for me and my family,” Sam trails off, getting emotional in the below video.


When Sam takes to the stage, he reveals he’ll be singing Del Shannon’s “Runaway,” staying true to his love of oldies.


But before he even gets through his first chorus of, Simon stops the music: “I would not have advised you to sing this song,” he says.


“Can I suggest that we just hear you… we slow the song down so at least we can hear a version of the song and hear your voice properly because this is going to be a struggle otherwise.” Sam is noticeably – and understandably – upset, but he takes the criticism like a champ and starts over.


After his acapella version of the song, the judges regroup. While the crowd chants “let him through,” they decide the singer’s fate.


Simon first spoke about how they fell in love with him and continued, “I think people are gonna really like you… but we are gonna have to say no.”

Sam quickly responds to the judge’s vote, “Is there something I can do before I go… cos I’m never gonna get this chance.” Simon lets him speak and the singer eagerly asks his girlfriend to come to the stage. Immediately, the crowd went wild… as did the judges.


“Can I get a yes off you,” he asks as he bends down on one knee.


“You’ve got yourself one heck of a nice guy there, Emma,” Simon says as the glowing couple walks off stage.

Watch the video below to see the happiness for yourself.

It’s wonderful that even in the face of rejection, Sam looked on the bright side and thought about what – and who – would make him the happiest man alive.


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