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Sadie Robertson Escapes 3 Men Stalking Her In White Van, Then Posts Urgent Warning To Women Everywhere.

In 2012, the world was introduced to 15-year-old Sadie Robertson, granddaughter of Phil Robertson. That’s when Phil, founder of Duck Commander duck-hunting merchandise, and his family became the subject of A&E‘s reality series, Duck Dynasty.

Now 20, Sadie has grown into well-known TV personality, actress, author, and speaker. She even competed on Season 19 of Dancing with the Stars, finishing as the first runner up. A video of Sadie preaching at a Christian church recently went viral, and now she’s quickly going viral again; this time, for a very different message.

Sadie posted the Instagram below, of her smiling face, with a warning to her 2.9 million followers, explaining why her smile is extra bright today:

I smile with joy, peace, and thankfulness tonight before going to bed. Tonight was a very frightening night. I walked out into the parking garage and saw a white van parked beside my car with 3 men that had previously been following me in the mall. You hear this story all the time… I won’t go into the details of mine, however I’m very thankful tonight to be writing y’all a message of awareness.

Even though we serve a GOOD God, let me remind you that scary things can happen at anytime, because until the day Jesus comes back evil will still be in the world.

…I’m thankful my heart is able to have peace before I close my eyes though something got my heart beating pretty fast earlier today, I’m thankful I do not have to fear anything in the world because this world is not my home, I’m thankful for the big picture, and honestly I’m really thankful for good people.

For my earthly dad who answered the phone to calm my Spirit, and for my Heavenly Father who sends His Spirit to comfort me. For people like Hillsong United for the words of their songs that I had embedded in my brain when thoughts of fear were wanting to take over.

This may sound foreign to you, and if it is don’t feel to lost… I hope some of my videos on YouTube can answer some questions. You can have that same thankfulness and protection.

Secondly, I want to encourage everyone to be aware of your surroundings. We hear this a lot, but then we also snapchat a lot if ya know what I mean. We aren’t necessarily the most aware of our surroundings generation, but a minute of not paying attention tonight could of created a whole different life for me.

Be aware, always be in prayer, trust your “weird feelings” (Spirit Checks), and call your accountability ALWAYS no matter how sure you are of the situation. We all need help every now and then… don’t be afraid to ask.

I’m praying for bravery over every person who encounters a situation like the one I did tonight.

Thank goodness Sadie was aware of her surroundings.

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