“Sad Papaw” Went Viral For Lonely Photo, But Now...

“Sad Papaw” Went Viral For Lonely Photo, But Now THOUSANDS Show Up To Keep Him Company.

A sad situation turned heartwarming this weekend when droves of people traveled cross-country to have a burger with “Papaw.”

Kelsey Harmon was with her Grandpa last week when she snapped this pic of him at the dinner table. At first glance, the scene seems normal… but then you see the sadness in her grandad’s face.

“Papaw” was devastated. After making 12 burgers for all six of his grandkids, Kelsey was the only one who bothered to show up. In the end, the grandkids missed dinner because a busy workday kept the invitation from being passed along, but nobody enjoys the feeling of abandonment.

The photo quickly went viral… and for all the right reasons.  People all over the earth didn’t want Papaw to be lonely anymore.

And thankfully, sad “Papaw” is sad no longer.

In a wonderful turn of events, over 3,000 people from all over the country came out to an open cookout that Kelsey set up for her grandpa last Saturday. Everyone that showed up got to eat a burger and buy a t-shirt that read “I ate a burger with sad papaw.”

Papaw was blown away that so many people would be excited about a cookout with him… but to us it makes total sense! Papaw’s family hopes that their story will motivate kids and adults to spend quality time with their parents and grandparents.

Check out how awesome Papaw’s cookout was in the video below. Share and spread some smiles!

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