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Contestant Performs Intoxicating Love Song For Mystery Girl, Judges Are Blown Away.

The show Britain’s Got Talent is known for having heartwarming and inspiring backstories for all of its contestants. However, one contestant’s audition was so special it not only touched the hearts of the judges, but peaked the curiosity of the whole country.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy is a 19-year-old singer and songwriter from Dublin who auditioned to be on the show back in 2012 and totally blew everyone away with his song. As O’Shaughnessy introduces the song to the judges he reveals that it’s a song he wrote for a girl he likes back at home.


“It’s about a girl, one of my best mates. I’ve been friends with her for about six years but I’m sort of mad about her. I’d rather play something that means something to me. Playing your own song, you put so much more into it, because it’s your own lyrics, your own music.â€

When O’Shaughnessy begins singing his acoustic love song, everyone is floored by his beautiful melody, written for a girl who has no idea how he feels.

And the judges could not hold back remarks to the powerful song they just heard.

“Wow, if that doesn’t work, nothing will.”

“I can’t believe she won’t go out with you. That’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, sung incredibly well. The story of the song made it so much more powerful.â€

The judges tried to push for him to reveal the name of the girl several times, but O’Shaughnessy remained strong and said that he just couldn’t share it.

Then, shortly after O’Shaughnessy’s audition, the identity of the “Girl With No Name” was released. Ryan had fallen for a college friend named Katie Lucia Keegan.

After she saw his proclamation on tv, she tweeted out her identity.


The Sun

For the world the mystery had been solved, but unfortunately for Ryan no romance blossomed between the two.

But his love song is as timeless as it is beautiful. Watch the video below to witness his performance!

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