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Little Boy Bursts Into Tears When His Dream Of Getting A Puppy Finally Comes True.

No matter who you are or where you live, some moments in life are universal. The little boy in a viral video we can’t stop watching is named Ryan, and he lives in South America. Ryan has always wanted a puppy of his own, but his mother was never able to make ends meet enough to justify the expense.

Just when Ryan had resigned himself to loving dogs from afar, his mom presented him with the ultimate surprise!

The video starts with Ryan sitting on his bed. When he sees his mother carrying a tiny puppy inside, he immediately bursts into tears. The sweet little guy can’t stop crying long enough to even acknowledge his new best friend; he just puts his face in his hands and lets out tears of joy, relief, and shock. Eventually, he collects himself and greets his new pal.

Ryan is so grateful for all the love and companionship his dog has brought to his life! A few years later, the two of them are inseparable. See the first time they met in the video below, and be sure to share this adorable story with your friends.

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