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Thousands Of Differently-Abled Kids Have New Confidence Thanks To This Mom And Her Clothing Revolution

Oliver Scheier was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. This affects so many everyday actions that one may not even think to consider. One of those things is being able to dress himself because of the leg braces he must wear in order to walk safely.

Because of his condition, Oliver’s single mom Mindy has to put his clothes on before school. But what does he do at school when he has to use the bathroom, for example? One morning when he asked his mom if he could wear jeans to school, Mindy had to be honest about how that would be nearly impossible for him to manage on his own.

“I was faced with a difficult decision, do I let my son walk safely into school in sweatpants and his braces on – no jeans,”Scheier recalled. “Or do I let him walk into school in jeans but without braces, which is unsafe but would allow him to hold his head up high because he looks like the other kids do? It was at that moment that I decided that no mother should have to make that difficult decision for their child.â€

That’s when a life-changing idea hit her. Her epiphany had to do with adapting a knowledge of clothing with her son’s need to be self-sufficient when it came to dressing himself. So, she created Runway of Dreams. It is a foundation dedicated to making “adaptive versions of mainstream clothes for kids and young adults that are differently-abled,” she told Huffington Post.

Since then, people from all around the world have reached out, explaining their different disabilities. The company is still young and figuring out how to work with a wide range of conditions, but they are making huge strides every day!

Watch the video below to find out what all Runway of Dreams is doing to help kids with disabilities around the world in a special way!

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