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Soccer Star Spots Shivering Child And Warms Everyone’s Heart With His Response.

Most people know Rui Patrício as the professional soccer player who is the current goalkeeper for the Wolverhampton Wanderers and the Portugal national team. Off the football field, he has an even more important title: dad.

Rui and his wife have two children, and his innate parenting skills took center field when a video of his kindness toward a young fan went viral. In it, we see Rui waiting to head out for the Premier League match in Watford, England, when he spots a little boy standing nearby.

The weather that day was chilly and raw, and the boy was struggling to keep his teeth from chattering. In all the excitement, no one seemed to notice how cold he was – except Rui. After checking that it was OK with the boy’s guardian, Rui took off the warm-up jacket he was wearing and helped the boy into it. The little guy’s smile said it all!

This act of kindness really does warm us to the core, just like Rui’s jacket did for that cold boy. Watch the sweet “dad” moment play out in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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